The Spirit of Family and Competition!

Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Adventures is a riveting, high energy and romantic Dinner and Show. It is a non-stop, exciting journey taking guests back to a time that tells a tale of Dolly’s own family history. It includes a special love story on how Avie Lee Owens and Lee Parton got together and became Dolly’s Mom and Dad. However, it was not before a bit of competition had taken place between the Partons and Owens in the Great Smoky Mountain Family Contests. Dolly said,

“Every Sunday after church we’d all sit a spell, laugh and fill our bellies with a delicious home-cooked meal made up of all the best dishes folks could bring. Before digging in we’d say, Amen for Food, Faith, and Family as this was the basis of everything to our family.”

At Smoky Mountain Adventures, guests will make unforgettable memories cheering on The Partons or Owens in a world class dinner and show. Dolly also said,

“After dinner some folks would tell tall-tales and stories or maybe pick some tunes on worn out guitars and banjos, and we all did our best to sing-a-long. We’d even have a few friendly contests like horseshoes, marbles or foot races. Mama kept that tradition going throughout our time growing up in Locust Ridge. My Smoky Mountain Adventures brings back memories of all those stories and traditions.”

Your heart will start pumping as soon as the competition begins! Adventures and a spectacular old-fashioned Hootenanny feast await as the mountains are filled with high-flying action, music and more!

Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Adventures is now open in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

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