“Can’t Be That Wrong” Song Lyrics

“’Can’t Be That Wrong’ is the ultimate cheating song. There’s a lot of cheaters out there, and love comes in all shapes, and shades and sizes. And of course, there’s a lot of people out there very sincere because if you are in love with somebody, whether it’s right or whether it’s wrong, you can’t help loving them.

“And I kind of based this on a true thing with someone very close to me that was very happy at home, wonderful family, but fell for someone and they fell hard, but they loved both of them. And it’s just about that conflict of being torn between and everybody saying ‘oh, you can’t do this, it’s so wrong, you’re going to go to hell.’

“And I remember that person saying to me ‘well look if I have to go to hell I’m going to hell because I’m not giving up this heaven.’ And one of my favorite lines, as a songwriter, says ‘well to hell with heaven if it means I’ll lose you.’ And it’s like anything that feels this right can’t be that wrong. I think all the cheaters are going to love me!”

Dolly Parton


“Can’t Be That Wrong”

By Dolly Parton

Verse 1:
So often in my dreams I hold you close against my skin.
Wakin’ up, I wish that I could sleep and dream again.
‘Cause only when I sleep can I not hear how it’s a sin,
How cheaters never win, their heartaches never end.

1st Chorus:
“Torn Between Two Lovers” on the jukebox,
And I’m thinkin’ how I coulda wrote that song,
Wonderin’ if God loves us when we’re cheating,
But why he lets us feel things if it’s wrong.
I guess I should be singing “Rock of Ages”,
“Amazing Grace”, some of those good songs,
Can’t find it in my heart to ask forgiveness,
Anything that feels this right can’t be that wrong.

Verse 2:
Thou shalt not commit it, it’s written in the ten.
The Spirit’s always willing, but the flesh is weak again.
And you’re as close to heaven as I might ever fly,
An angel in disguise, a wrong that feels so right.

2nd Chorus:
And “Torn Between Two Lovers” just keeps playin’,
And “I Don’t Want To Be Right If Lovin’ You Is Wrong”.
It goes against all I’ve ever stood for,
Knowin’ I have someone else at home.
I guess I should be singing “Rock of Ages”,
“Amazing Grace” or some of those good songs,
But my cheatin’ heart can tell on me tomorrow,
‘Cause anything that feels this right can’t be that wrong.

To Hell with Heaven if it means I’ll lose you,
Anything that feels this right can’t be that wrong.
It just can’t be.

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