“Outside Your Door” Song Lyrics

“Well, ‘Outside Your Door’ is another cute, sexy little song. To me, I pictured this like friends with benefits. You know there’s always people that you are comfortable with. Usually, if you’ve ever been in love with somebody or even, you know, had a sexual relationship, sometimes after that’s over you know that person so well and so intimately that they can become best friends, and I’ve often heard that said.

“And so, this is just about knowing that someone’s comfortable to be with, you’re dear friends, and if you don’t have someone of your own you know you can show up at that door. You can have dinner, you can have a glass of wine, and if it led to something more then that’s how it goes because you are comfortable doing it. I was just trying to write these songs that I thought would fit everybody. It’s like an album with love of many colors.”

Dolly Parton



“Outside Your Door”

By Dolly Parton

Verse 1:
Darlin’, I’m outside your door,
Knowin’ you’ll welcome me in.
Don’t have to knock twice, it feels so right
Bein’ here with you again.

Verse 2:
Might not be the right thing to do,
But I swear it doesn’t feel wrong.
Might not be forever, but never say never,
I’m standin’ outside of your door.

1st Chorus:
I guess I should feel cheap,
But I just can’t keep
My mind and my hands off of you.
The way we make love is so far above
Anything I ever knew.
So here I am, I’m outside your door,
Knowin’ what’s waitin’ inside.
Heaven on earth and for all that it’s worth,
We’ll be here ’til we’re both satisfied.

Two bottles of wine, one white and one red,
Few drinks to unwind, and then be off to bed.
We can’t fight this passion, no need to pretend,
And oh yes, I’ll be outside your door again.

Verse 2:
Darlin’, I’m outside your door,
And I know you’ll welcome me in.
(Don’t have to knock twice) it feels so right
Just bein’ here with you again.
Yes, I’m standin’ outside of your door (once more)
And I know you’ll welcome me in.

Do-do. Do-do-do-do, Mm-mm, Mm-mm-mm-mm
Don’t have to knock twice,
It feels so right,
Standin’ outside of your door, once more.
I’m standin’ outside of your door.
(Outside your door) Once more,
(Outside your door)

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