A Special Place For Sharing Special Memories With Special People

Among Dolly’s most cherished memories of childhood are the many magical moments spent on the front porch of the Parton Family’s Tennessee Mountain Home.
Dolly Parton
Whether in the warmth of the afternoon sun or the soft evening breeze, the stage was set on that beloved porch. It was where Dolly, with a tin can for a microphone and the light from a million dancing fireflies, could sing to her heart’s content and dream of taking her music to the stages of the world.

Summer evenings are now behind us and winter will soon wrap us in a blanket of snow. There’s a warm welcome waiting on the Front Porch, where friends and family alike are invited to join Dolly inside. The excitement of the holidays hangs in the air like a Smoky Mountain mist, and the melodies of Christmas echo through the hollow. Join us by the fireplace and listen closely as she shares stories that are woven into the fabric of the legacy that is Dolly Parton.


Team DollyStories From The Front Porch