Touch Your Woman

March 15, 1972

Dolly releases ninth solo album, 'Touch Your Woman'

Dolly released her ninth solo album, 'Touch Your Woman,' in 1972. Most of the songs featured on the album were written by Dolly, along with a couple covers.

Track Listing

  1. "Will He Be Waiting"
  2. "The Greatest Days of All"
  3. "Touch Your Woman"
  4. "A Lot Of You Left In Me"
  5. "Second Best"
  6. "A Little At A Time"
  7. "Love Is Only As Strong (As Your Weakest Moment)" (Bill Owens)
  8. "Love Isn't Free"
  9. "Mission Chapel Memories" (Dolly, Porter Wagoner)
  10. "Loneliness Found Me" (Porter Wagoner)

The title song, 'Touch Your Woman,' reached No. 6 on the U.S. Country Singles Charts in March 1972. It also earned a GRAMMY nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.



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