Cracker Barrel’s Front Porch Series With Dolly & Cam

Published September 8, 2016 / Last Updated September 8, 2016

Team Dolly

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Featured photo by Jeremy Westby/Webster Public Relations

Dolly Parton joins one of Country Music’s newest faces on Cracker Barrel’s Front Porch Series.

Rising country star, Cam, sits down with Dolly Parton on Cracker Barrel’s classic wooden rockers. Cam asks Dolly about her songwriting, the Imagination Library and her legacy.

Cam gets a giggle out of Dolly with her reference to Dolly’s “songwriting muscles” which Dolly admits are big. The two blond beauties go head to head in a trivia game called “Dolly or not Dolly?” Faced with witty quotes, they must decide if Dolly said it or not.

Watch the video and see which daring comments Dolly owns up to and which she wishes she had made famous.

Dolly’s newest CD, “Pure & Simple” debuted at #1 on national country charts worldwide. A deluxe edition which includes a 48-page book of photos, memories and stories, as well as two bonus tracks, is available exclusively at Cracker Barrel.

Cam is hitting the road on her first headlining tour this fall.
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Team DollyCracker Barrel’s Front Porch Series With Dolly & Cam