Dolly Parton showcased her new memoir, "Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics," in the premiere episode of her new talkshoplive® channel.

Now trending on talkshoplive®, Dolly Parton is the latest in an incredible lineup of stars to launch her own channel on the new platform. Talkshoplive® is the first-ever live streaming, social selling online network. In the first episode, Dolly opens up to host Blair Garner and shares the spiritual journey she when on when developing this new book. Within its pages, Dolly gives a candid, intimate look at her iconic career as a songwriter, musician and country legend. She speaks on her creative process, her faith and determination, and the inspirations and influences behind her illustrious music career. Dolly said,

"When I started, it would take me places I had forgotten. So it was really therapeutic. Some places kinda stirred up a lot of emotions that made me very emotional."

At Blair's request, Dolly shared something very special with talkshoplive® viewers. Dolly recalls the night she wrote "Two Doors Down" and showed the origional motel stationary on which she pinned the iconic lyrics. In addition to handwritten lyrics, Dolly includes rarely seen archival imagery, classic album art and personal childhood photographs, making this book a sensational celebration of her enduring legacy.

In the episode, Dolly and Blair discuss a number of topics including Dolly's determination to share love and kindness with the world. She said,

"I ask God every day to let me be a light and to let me be an inspiration and to let me do something to uplift people and to glorify Him. So every day I try, you know, to be something to somebody. So hopefully, it's working. I don't know why it's working but I'm very grateful that it has."

"Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics"

This new book features the lyrics to 175 of Dolly's best-loved songs and reveals the memories and inspiration behind them.

Visit Dolly's talkshoplive® channel to purchase her new book.



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