‘Here You Come Again’

Published October 5, 1977 / Last Updated September 19, 2016
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Dolly releases 19th solo album, ‘Here You Come Again’

“Here You Come Again,” released in 1977, marks Dolly’s first significant success in the pop music genre.

Track listing:

  1. “Here You Come Again”
  2. “Baby, Come Out Tonight”
  3. “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right”
  4. “Me and Little Andy”
  5. “Lovin’ You”
  6. “Cowgirl & the Dandy”
  7. “Two Doors Down”
  8. “God’s Coloring Book”
  9. “As Soon as I Touched Him”
  10. “Sweet Music Man”

The title song, written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, is one of only a handful of Dolly’s hits she didn’t write. She received her first GRAMMY win with “Here You Come Again” for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. Additionally, the song peaked at No. 3 on the U.S. Pop Singles charts. The tenth track, “Sweet Music Man,” was written by Kenny Rogers.

Both the title song (her sixth No. 1 single) and the album (her second No.1 album) topped the U.S. Country Music singles and albums charts, respectively. “Two Doors Down” became Dolly’s seventh No. 1 single on the U.S. Country Music charts and a top 20 hit on the U.S. Pop Singles chart.

Team Dolly‘Here You Come Again’