HBO series, 'Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways,' features Dolly in Nashville episode

Dolly appeared in the Nashville episode of the HBO series "Foo Fighters Sonic Highways" on October 31, 2014. Dave Grohl the singer and primary songwriter for the rock band Foo Fighters directs and stars in the documentary series.

The Nashville episode focuses on the city's rich songwriting culture and the Country Music business. Grohl commented on why he wanted to interview Dolly for the show,

"Nobody is cooler than Dolly Parton. Her story is amazing."

The show follows Foo Fighters as they road trip across the country using inspiration from the famous cities they visit to create the songs for their current recording project. The upcoming recording project, "Sonic Highways," is a commemoration of their 20th anniversary as a band and an attempt to create a sonic map of American music.

View an extended version of Dolly's interview with Grohl.



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