Dolly plays 'Aunt Dolly' on Disney’s 'Hannah Montana'

Dolly appeared several times between 2006 and 2010 on Miley Cyrus’ hit show "Hannah Montana" as Aunt Dolly, Hannah’s godmother. The character was a Nashville native who lived with her husband, Uncle Pete (who never appeared on camera).

Dolly’s first appearance was in the season one episode "Good Golly Miss Dolly" in 2006. Her last appearance was in the season four episode "Kiss it all Goodbye" in 2010. She also appeared in the season two episode "I Will Always Loathe You."

Dolly said of her role on the show,

“I'm famous now 'cause I'm Hannah Montana's Aunt Dolly. Little kids just see me in the street and just point — 'Aunt Dolly!' or 'Hi, Aunt Dolly!' — and it's just been so cute."



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