Dolly welcomes Larry King to her Nashville Studio to talk about her new album, songwriting, her 50-year marriage and much more!

In promoting her new "Pure & Simple" album, Dolly Parton sat down with award-winning television and radio host, Larry King.

Watch to see what Dolly says about accepting people as they are, the possibility of a woman president, the newly released "Trio" project, reuniting with her "9 to 5" co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the strangest fan experience she has ever had and more. Near the end, Dolly and Larry also play a revealing game of  "If You Only Knew."

When asked about her career and the possibility of slowing down, Dolly explained her work as a "lifestyle." Dolly said,

"I'm like my Daddy, I still feel like I need to be workin' for a living. I can't just lay around."

Larry got a big laugh out of Dolly when he pitched her a song lyric that he thinks can be the next big hit. Larry sang,

“I would rather be homeless than be home with you.”

The episode is filled with Dolly's classic one-liners including her response to a question about exercise from a fan on social media. Dolly said,

"Oh yeah! I'm big on exercise. Every day I do my diddly squats."

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"Larry King Now" airs on Hulu and RT America.

Dolly’s song 'Travelin' Thru' from the 2005 movie 'Transamerica' receives an Oscar nomination

The song was one of three songs nominated for an Oscar the same year. The song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" from the movie "Hustle & Flow" won the Academy Award.

Dolly spoke to legendary interviewer Larry King about the process that created the song.

“Well Duncan Tucker, who is the writer/director of the film, I understood he was a fan of mine and he called me and asked if I would write this song. And so I said, I'll give it a try. I was actually on tour, and I was out promoting a new CD of my own, the CD that you know about, 'Those Were The Days.' And so I said, I don't know if I'm going to have time to work on it, but I'll see. He said, ‘Oh please, give it a try.’ So he sent me a rough cut of the film, and he gave me some great direction, gave me some great input and I kicked around with it for a little while and one morning I woke up and it just all come together and now here I am, nominated and I was really shocked and surprised it all happened so quick.

The Oscars, "reward the previous year’s greatest cinema achievements as determined by some of the world’s most accomplished motion picture artists and professionals. The Academy’s roughly 6,000 members vote for the Oscars using secret ballots, which are tabulated by the international auditing firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers. The auditors maintain absolute secrecy until the moment the show’s presenters open the envelopes and reveal the winners on live television."



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