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‘Dolly: Live From London’

Published November 10, 2009 / Last Updated August 23, 2015
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Dolly’s 2009 live DVD/CD recording featuring special backstage footage and concert soundtracks

On her 2008 “Backwoods Barbie” tour, Dolly recorded a PBS special entitled “Dolly: Live in London O2 Arena” which was released in 2009 as a combination CD/DVD called “Dolly: Live From London.”

 Live from London – Available on iTunes

Dolly came to the idea of a DVD after reviewing the footage from her performance in London.

“We thought it was about time. We were really inspired after we did our European tour last year. In London, we worked at the O2 Arena, and the audience was just so great, and the place was just so wonderful, and we had such good footage when we got home, we thought this was just too good to put in the archives and hold for another time. We edited it down, and we thought it would be a great idea, to put the CD and the DVD in one package.”

The DVD includes 50 minutes of special material like behind-the-scenes footage and concert sound-checks.

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Team Dolly‘Dolly: Live From London’