Dolly shares her favorite Valentine's Day gift, thoughts on matchmaking and more in a special message sprinkled with hearts, candy and hugs!

Love flows from Dolly’s heart as freely and gently as a Smoky Mountain stream, so what could be more endearing than a Valentine message from one of the world’s most lovable people? Dolly believes we need the healing power of love now more than ever. And she has a lovely Valentine's Day message for her fans. Dolly says,

"There's a lot of love out there and yes, I believe that good always wins."

Watch to see what Dolly's favorite Valentine's Day gift is, see what she says about being a matchmaker and discover her secret to releasing stress!

Top 10 Love Songs

Flowers and chocolates are good, but Dolly's Top 10 Love Songs are great! Hum along to your favorites or serenade your sweetheart.

The U.K. sitcom "Butterflies" (1978-1983) featured Dolly’s song "Love Is Like a Butterfly" as its theme song

The "Butterflies" version was sung by British singer Clare Torry, backed by a band led by BBC composer Ronnie Hazlehurst. The show focused on the day-to-day life of the fictional Parkinson family living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. "Love is Like a Butterfly" was played at the beginning of every episode.

Dolly sings 'Love is Like A Butterfly' and 'I Will Always Love You' on 'Hee Haw'

In 1975,  Dolly appeared on the musical variety television program "Hee Haw" for the last time performing her popular hits "Love is Like A Butterfly" and "I Will Always Love You."



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