Dolly and Uncle Bill Owens start Owe-Par Publishing Company

After their contract with Combine Music ended, Dolly and Uncle Bill made a strategic move to start their own publishing company. Using parts of their last names, they called it Owe-Par. Their proven chemistry and talent made a great combination. Dolly said,

"As writers we were on the same wavelength. We wrote a lot of great songs together... We had the same kind of energy when it came to our careers. Neither of us ever gave out as long as something was happening or at least had the look of something that might happen."

As songwriters, they had experienced success with Bill Phillips' versions of their "Put It Off Until Tomorrow" and "The Company You Keep." Owe-Par Publishing Company allowed Dolly and Uncle Bill to copyright their songs for themselves. It was a significant business move for Dolly at 20 years old, especially because she held a controlling interest in the company.

Click below for a preview of "Put It Off Until Tomorrow" via SoundCloud.

Some familiar songs published via Owe-Par Publishing Company

  • Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man
  • Joshua
  • Coat Of Many Colors
  • Burning The Midnight Oil
  • Right Combination
  • Katy Did
  • The Last One To Touch Me


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