Dolly appears on the cover of Playboy magazine

Wearing the iconic Playboy bunny outfit and ears, Dolly appeared on the cover of the October 1978 issue of Playboy magazine. The issue also featured an interview with Dolly.

She became the first country singer to pose for the magazine although within very specific parameters that did not include nudity,

“I have been asked, back in the day, but that was so totally not me. I would never do that… But that was a good article they ran in there, and it was just a fun thing to do. That was just another way I was trying to market myself, at that time, to kinda get in the mainstream…”

Conversation with Playboy journalist Lawrence Grobel in March 1978

Source: PBS Digital Studios' Blank on Blank video series

*Archival material from Playboy magazine. Copyright © 1978 by Playboy. Used with Permission. All rights reserved.



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