Dolly Parton Unveils A Lifetime of Love and Inspiration with Pinterest Profile Launch

Dolly Parton is known for her iconic aesthetic and vibrant personality. For the first time, she’s taking to Pinterest to give Pinners an insider’s look into her story, style and inspiration, from past to present. Like her beloved “Coat of Many Colors,” a lifetime of moments are weaved together, across a colorway of boards, Pin-by-Pin, to showcase “Dollycore” like never before at

“I am humbled to hear that so many people on Pinterest are inspired by the colorful things I wear, make and do,” Dolly said. “Apparently, my fans have been loving all things ‘Dollycore’ – did I get that right? If that means all the colorful things that make me ‘me,’ there should be plenty to go around for pinning!”

Bringing “Dollycore” Inspiration to Life

For many creatives, Pinterest serves as the first stop in their creative process. For icons like Dolly, Pinterest is a time capsule of her style and aesthetic evolution and brings “Dollycore” inspiration to life for Pinners. Her newly launched Pinterest profile takes Pinners through a color themed experience where each color board is inspired by a song from the superstar’s expansive musical catalog and features a matching colored vinyl. A comprehensive showcase of Dolly’s currently available vinyl variants are Pinned to her “Vinyls of Many Colors” board.

1. Black – Rockstar
2. Red – Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
3. Purple – Candy Wine
4. Pink – Backwoods Barbie
5. White – White Limozeen
6. Yellow – Yellow Roses
7. Blue – Painted on Jeans
8. Green – Green Apples
9. Brown – Cowgirl’s Dream
10. Orange – Orange Blossom

The black-themed, “Rockstar” board, kicks off the colorway featuring hoards of content from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee’s much anticipated Rock album due November 17th. The album cover is featured on the board cover which was shot by pop culture and fashion photographer, Vijat Mohindra. The many album image varieties, single covers, promotional photos and videos spotlight her Rock aesthetic with Dolly flairs of bright pink, unique textures, fabric layers and HEELS. The board features never-before-seen polaroids from her Rockstar era – this board is a must-follow.

Dolly’s timely, pink-themed, “Backwoods Barbie” board treats Pinners to two new nostalgic formats of her Rockstar album: a bright pink, TalkShopLive limited edition, double cassette and an opaque pink, Amazon exclusive, 4LP vinyl. Both feature the 30-song collection which includes 9 original tracks and 21 iconic rock anthems and are available for pre-order now at

Unveiled as the board cover on Dolly’s “Book” board was the stunning back cover of Dolly’s Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones, an indispensable guide to forging your own path to beauty and confidence. The book, available for pre-order now, is a beautiful celebration of Dolly Parton’s iconic sense of style through entertaining personal stories and 450 full-color photographs, including exclusive images from her private costume archive, more of which will be pinned ahead of its release on October 17th.

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