A remastered special edition version of Dolly Parton's first record "Puppy Love" to be released on April 22, 2017!

"Puppy Love" recorded, by a 13-year-old Dolly Parton, back in 1959 will be the first in a string of re-releases by Southern Folklife Collection and Yep Roc Records. Dolly said,

“Like a first love, a first record for a singer will always be remembered above all others. Hopefully, I’ve improved since I recorded ‘Puppy Love,’ so don't laugh...just enjoy.”

*Original 1959 recording of "Puppy Love"

Read about the 30-hour bus trip Dolly took with her grandmother, Rena Owens to make the original recording in Puppy Love – Dolly Parton’s First Single.

The inaugural release— Dolly Parton’s first single, “Puppy Love”—is a 45-RPM with a B-side of “Girl Left Alone.” The limited edition run will be available exclusively in participating stores on April 22, Record Store Day. Subsequent releases will be available on compact disc, vinyl and from digital providers.

Dolly recorded “Puppy Love” for Goldband Records in 1959. This edition is remastered from the original mono master tape. Packaging will include reproductions of the original Goldband record labels, housed in a picture sleeve featuring an early promotional photograph of Dolly.

These rare recordings are made possible through a partnership between the Southern Folklife Collection (SFC) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Yep Roc Records, based in Hillsborough.

The SFC, part of the Wilson Special Collections Library, will create digital masters of rare archival recordings from its collections, which Yep Roc Records will produce, package and distribute. Glenn Dicker, co-owner and A&R for Yep Roc Records said

“This is an amazing opportunity for Yep Roc to work with Steve Weiss and the Southern Folklife Collection to help bring some incredible music to a worldwide audience of music fans.”

Additional releases include:

“Swampland Jewels” (Sept. 22)
A compilation of classic Cajun music from Goldband Records,“Swampland Jewels” features recordings by Jo-El Sonnier, Boozoo Chavis, Iry LeJune Jr. and Cleveland Crochet. Packaging features the original album art of a bikini-clad girl riding a giant crawfish, and includes the booklet “From the Bayou,” a history of Goldband Records by music writer Mike Leadbitter and Goldband Records founder Eddie Shuler.

Doc Watson: “Live at the Club 47” (Date TBA)
A newly discovered performance by Doc Watson, “Live at the Club 47” was recorded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1963. This recording features unreleased songs from Watson’s early repertoire.

Southern Folklife Collection
Yep Roc Records

*Preview is of the original track, not the remastered version.

Dolly Parton releases first single, "Puppy Love" at age 13 on Goldband Records

"Puppy Love," written by Dolly at age 11, along with her Uncle Bill Owens, was released by Goldband Records in 1959. The lyrics showcase Dolly’s ability, even at a young age, to write relatable songs. In this upbeat song, she sings about the hot and cold emotions of young love. "Girl Left Alone" written by Dolly, her Aunt Dorothy Jo Owens and Uncle Bill Owens appeared on side B.

Dolly and her grandmother, Rena Owens, took a 30-hour bus trip to the recording studio in Lake Charles, Louisiana to record the songs. Remembering that fateful journey, Dolly said,

"I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way the inside of that bus smelled. It was a combination of diesel fuel, Naugahyde, and people who were going places."

Based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Goldband Records was founded by Eddie Shuler. He first started the label to promote his own band, the All-Star Reveliers but soon brought in more artists. In 1954, Boozoo Chavis recorded his hit "Paper In My Shoe" on the Goldband label. Phil Phillips' hit song, "Sea Of Love," also on Goldband, was released the same year as Dolly’s "Puppy Love."

Listen to free song previews of "Puppy Love" and "Girl Left Alone" in the SoundCloud player below.

Click here to view song lyrics for "Puppy Love."



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