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‘Shine’ wins GRAMMY

Published February 21, 2001 / Last Updated August 23, 2015
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Dolly wins GRAMMY for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her cover of the Collective Soul song ‘Shine’

Dolly won the 2001 GRAMMY Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for her cover of the Collective Soul song “Shine” from her album “Little Sparrow,” marking her third win in that category and seventh overall.

Collective Soul lead singer Ed Roland was blown away when he found out Dolly covered the group’s song,

“In all honesty, the first CD, which has ‘Shine’ on it, basically was a songwriter’s demo, trying to get a publishing deal and try to showcase songs. It’s the first time ever we’ve had one of those songs covered, and it’s an honor, and really cool… especially coming from someone who’s a great songwriter. It’s not necessary for her to use anyone’s songs except her own.”

Dolly explains that the cover comes from a real affinity for the original version of the song.

“When that record came out years ago, my husband and I were riding in the car and heard it…We listened to see who it was and went and got it and played it off and on in the house for years. I’ve been trying to think of how I can sing it without all the rock stuff; it sounds spiritual and all that, and the melody lent itself well to some bluegrass harmonies. I figured we’d kick it around and if it didn’t work, we wouldn’t put it on. But it worked out great.”

Team Dolly‘Shine’ wins GRAMMY