Dollywood adds Tennessee Tornado, the world’s first spiral-loop coaster featuring back-to-back 360-degree loops

Dolly sent riders on an explosive new ride featuring the world’s first spiral-loop coaster. Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood features back-to-back 360-degree loops. It is the first spiral loop coaster and was named 1999’s top scream machine by the American Coaster Enthusiasts.

Dolly opted out of riding the fastest roller coaster at Dollywood. Instead, she sent a train full of Dolly look-a-likes blasting out of the station on their first Tennessee Tornado ride!

Dollywood also became the headquarters of the Southern Gospel Music Association's Hall of Fame and Museum. The new facility honored the genre’s legends with interactive displays. It featured more than 350 artifacts and a recording studio. Built adjacent to Showstreet Palace Theater, the Southern Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame debuted during Dollywood’s Southern Gospel Jubilee. Dolly sang alongside some of her Southern gospel friends as they performed a concert at Dollywood.

Dolly redesigns the front door of Dollywood and opens Showstreet and Showstreet Palace Theatre

When Dollywood asked Dolly to create her perfect street, it included a glamorous theatre, shopping options, a garden and restaurants. It was only natural that from that dream came a colorful promenade shaping into Showstreet, the new front door to Dollywood. Dolly said,

“As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a big star like all the big names in Hollywood on the big screen. I loved all the glitz and glamour, and that was my inspiration for Showstreet.”

Showstreet is complete with the Showstreet Palace Theatre, where dreams like Dolly’s can be realized by everyone who visits.

Dollywood’s seventh season opened with a  seven-acre expansion. The expansion included the 1,000-seat Showstreet Palace Theatre featuring the new show, Fire on the Mountain. It also introduced WDLY, a fully functional radio station. Friendship Gardens and Starwalk, a gardenscape area featuring more than 35,000 flowers and plants was also added. Finally, a full production bakery plus a variety of entertainment, food, attractions and merchandise completed the new addition.



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