New partnerships help introduce Audio and Braille books

In 2011, Imagination Library started realizing the promise of using technology to expand its reach. One of the proudest moments for the program was the announcement of a partnership with The American Printing House for the Blind. This partnership made audio versions of many of these titles available for children with visual impairments and made sure some selected books were available in Braille.

Imagination Library also put a new emphasis on using social media. Avenues of opportunity were discovered on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ while bloggers provided further awareness. Further proof emerged that the program inspires much more reading in the home.

By December, this universal effort was operating in 1,642 communities. Over 675,000 children were participating in the program and for the year 7,999,673 books were mailed. A grand total of 38,492,164 Imagination Library books have been delivered since the beginning when it all started in one small town.




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