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‘The Magic School Bus’

Published December 25, 1996 / Last Updated August 30, 2015
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Dolly appears as ‘Murph’ on the animated television show, ‘The Magic School Bus’

Dolly appeared in a special holiday episode of “The Magic School Bus,” the animated children’s television show based on a series of children’s books and adapted by Scholastic Entertainment. The show premiered on Sept. 10, 1994, on PBS and helped kids, especially girls and minorities, get more interested in science. The series finished its run in 1997 but aired again on Fox, TLC, Fox Kids, Discovery Kids, Qubo, and NBC as recently as 2010.

Dolly voiced the character Katrina Eloise “Murph” Murphy, operator of Murph’s recycling plant and the cousin of Ms. Frizzle, one of the main characters voiced by Lily Tomlin. On a holiday episode that originally aired on Dec. 25, 1996, Murph taught the class the importance of recycling.

The Magic School Bus from Dolly Parton on Vimeo.

Team Dolly‘The Magic School Bus’