Festival of Nations kicks off Dollywood's 28th season

Dolly visited Dollywood to kick off one of its biggest seasons to date, beginning with Festival of Nations and the opening of Wild Eagle, America’s first wing coaster. The festival’s headlining show, "Spirit of the Dance," surprised guests on opening weekend with a walk-on from Dolly herself! Dolly also appeared in two of the festival’s other shows, Argentina’s "Los Pampas Gauchos" and "The Paper Show by Mimirichi" from Ukraine.

The Dollywood 2012 season received five Golden Ticket Awards for Best Food, Friendliest Park, Best New Ride (Wild Eagle), Best Shows and Best Christmas Event.

Dollywood makes history as they allow guests to soar like an eagle with the park's new steel wing coaster, Wild Eagle

Dolly and Dollywood made history on March 23, 2012, as her theme park launched its new $20 million Wild Eagle, the first steel wing coaster in the U.S. Dolly said,

“Wild Eagle was a long time in the makin’ but truly worth every minute as that incredible bird took flight over Dollywood. From everything folks are telling me, Wild Eagle is somethin’ else, and I hope folks from around the world come to Dollywood to earn their wings. Or as I like to say, be an eagle not a chicken!”

Wild Eagle at Dollywood won the Golden Ticket Award for Best New Attraction in 2012.




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