The Front Porch

Dolly's Tin Can And Tobacco Stick Microphone Dolly's Tin Can And Tobacco Stick Microphone

Dolly takes center stage with her microphone made from an old tin can and a tobacco stick wedged between the boards of her Front Porch.

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A Mother's Love & Inspiration - Avie Lee Parton Dolly Parton, Avie Lee Parton

Avie Lee Parton, Dolly's mother and first musical influence, was musically influenced by her father, Reverend Jake Owens.

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Daddy's Dinner Bucket - Robert Lee Parton Photo of Dolly Parton and family

Dolly and her younger brother Randy, share an inspiring, true story of their father, Mr. Lee Parton and his dinner bucket. Mr. Lee was a loving, family man and Dolly's inspiration for her Imagination Library.

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