Dolly Parton – Life & Career

October 3, 2015 7

…Uncle Bill Owens for helping her get started in the music business. From taking the stage of “The Cas Walker Farm and Home Hour” in Knoxville, TN, to landing a…

50th Anniversary Of “Hello, I’m Dolly”

February 13, 2017 9

…of the Year in 1966. This vintage video shows Dolly performing “Dumb Blonde” on the Cas Walker Show. Watch closely to see her Uncle Bill Owens, featured here on guitar….

Hits Made Famous by Country Queens

April 13, 1963 10

…Miller Letter To Heaven By Dolly Parton Little Blossom Traditional Ballad Making Believe By Jimmy Walker “Release Me” By Eddie Miller, Robert Yount, James Pebworth Two Little Orphans Traditional Ballad…