Country’s largest Christmas pyramid

November 5, 2004
Christmas Pyramid

Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas features the country’s largest Christmas pyramid

A 45-foot-tall, three-tiered Christmas pyramid—the country’s tallest—was the focal point of Dollywood’s 2004 Smoky Mountain Christmas festival. The pyramid is part of Dollywood’s An Olde World Christmas, the newest element of the theme park’s Christmas festival.

Standing 45.9 feet tall, the pyramid was located at the entrance to the park’s Craftsman’s Valley. It gently revolved, revealing intricate carvings depicting the Nativity. Measuring 20 feet in diameter, the first tier represented the magi keeping a watchful eye for the Christ child. The second tier revolved to reveal shepherds and sheep while trumpeting angels occupied the third tier.

This pyramid honors the rich heritage of Germany’s Erzgebirge region where miners first crafted the popular holiday icon. And, keeping with the German theme, Dolly said she looked forward to some traditional German specialties from the kitchen like Deep Dish Lasagna, German skillet cabbage, Olie Bollens, German tomato salad, Belgian waffles, strudel, bratwurst and mettwurst sandwiches and eggnog ice cream. She said,

“Christmastime in the Smokies reminds me of family gatherings, filled with good food, good times and laughter. I want families to experience all that and more at Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas.”