New Country Fair at Dollywood

April 24, 1993
Dollywood's Country Fair Opens

Dolly’s version of the perfect country fair comes to life permanently at Dollywood

No summer is complete without going to the fair and that’s why Dolly created the Country Fair at Dollywood. The Country Fair area opened, adding a new feature to Dollywood's skyline, the 60-foot Wonder Wheel ferris wheel. Dolly wanted every child to be as excited about the Country Fair at Dollywood as she was about the county fair when she was young.

“As a little girl, I couldn't wait for the county fair to come to town every year. Everybody got excited about the rides on the midway. I called on those memories when I created the Country Fair area.”

Other popular modern-day midway rides were added, including the Tennessee Twister (also known as the Tilt-a-Whirl) and Twist and Shout (also known as the Scrambler). Nostalgia-themed additions included old-time games and a variety of "blue ribbon" foods to complete the fair experience.