Drop Line Debuts At Dollywood

May 6, 2017
Dollywood's Drop Line

Dollywood unveiled their all new ride, Drop Line on May 6, 2017.

As part of an exciting weekend of events including the 32nd Annual Dolly Homecoming Parade on Friday, Dollywood introduced park guests to Drop Line on Saturday, May 6!

Drop Line is a 230-ft. tall free-fall experience. It towers over Timber Canyon and provides an incredible view of the park before an exhilarating finish. The drop tower ride lifts Dollywood guests nearly 20 stories above the Canyon’s pool, before plummeting them back to the ground in a thrilling rush.

As the newest ride at Dollywood, Drop Line will only hold the title for a few months. Later this year, Whistle Punk Chaser will join the 2017 class of new rides at the park. This new junior coaster throws exciting twists and turns at younger loggers, helping prepare them for the day they can join their parents aboard the award-winning Thunderhead wooden coaster.

Find more information about Drop Line, Whistle Punk Chaser, the park’s award-winning shows, tickets and more at Dollywood.com.