Heidi Parton Releases Debut Album “This Kind of Love”

October 24, 2017
Heidi Parton - “This Kind of Love”

Dolly Parton's niece, Heidi Parton releases her debut album “This Kind of Love”

Heidi Parton shared songs from her debut album, “This Kind of Love,” with family and friends during a listening party on Monday, Oct. 23. Dolly said,

"I'm so proud of Heidi, she's so talented and has been singing since she was just a little bitty thing! I remember how I felt when my first album went out and I know she's beyond excited! Best of luck Heidi, Aunt Granny loves you!"

One of the headline singers in her aunt Dolly Parton’s My People show at Dollywood, Heidi’s life has been preparing her for this moment. Having been onstage since she was four years old, Heidi has been inspired by many in her family, but especially her dad, Dolly’s brother, Randy. Heidi said,

“I’ve been on stage with him so much, I always wanted to be like him and do what he was doing.”

Randy Parton, himself a successful performer and recording artist for many years, has done more than inspire Heidi’s recording dream. Heidi explained,

“My dad produced the album and sang back-up on several songs.”

The songs on the “This Kind of Love” tell many stories about different kinds of love. The title track talks about the blissful love of a wedding day. “I Am Ready” (a song written by Heidi’s Aunt Rachel) talks about spiritual and godly love. “You Got It” shares the feelings of doing the things people in love do together. Heidi said,

“I want people to love this album. I want people to feel the things I felt when I was recording it. I’m so happy that it’s coming out now. I am at a good place in my life. Timing is everything!”

“This Kind of Love” is now available from Heidi Parton's Official Website, CDBaby, Amazon and at Dollywood’s Dreamsong Theater.

“This Kind of Love” Track List:

  1. Think About Love
  2. Son of a Preacher Man
  3. Baby, I Love You
  4. I’ll Be Turning to You
  5. You Got It
  6. This Kind of Love
  7. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (feat. Randy Parton)
  8. Stand Beside Me
  9. Foolish Heart
  10. I Am Ready
    Bonus Track: Circle of Love

“This Kind of Love” was engineered by Dollywood musician, Trevor Reddick.