Dolly shares her childhood fun during KidsFest 2004

June 18, 2004

Summer brings VeggieTales® and much more to Dollywood's KidsFest

The largest kids’ festival in the South returned just as kids got out of school for the summer. Dolly said,

“Growing up, summertime in the Smoky Mountains was just one adventure-filled day after another for my brothers and sisters and me. KidsFest is my way of sharing special Smoky Mountain adventures with kids of all ages while they explore all of the fun activities that Dollywood has to offer.”

The VeggieTales® live show was a favorite at the park. Dollywood also welcomed several new faces including a costumed bear show. Clay, a seven-and-a-half-year-old black bear, played guitar. Griz, a 12-year-old grizzly bear, was the drummer. Ice, an 18-year-old polar bear, played keyboard and Rae Ling, a 10-year-old panda, sang. The band performed in Craftsman’s Valley.

The festival was filled with more animal antics. Families fell in love with seven performing dogs with acts ranging from flying disc catches to jumping rope and dancing!