Dolly reveals new Mystery Mine ride in Timber Canyon

April 7, 2007
Mystery Mine

Dolly adds some hair-raising twists and turns to Dollywood’s Timber Canyon as she opens the new Mystery Mine steel coaster ride

Dolly’s love for the Smoky Mountains was shown again at Dollywood with the addition of the Mystery Mine steel coaster. Dolly, dressed as a mountain miner, announced to crowds that through a first rider auction more than $35,000 was raised to benefit her Imagination Library.

The new Mystery Mine ride takes riders through an abandoned mine and tells the story of superstitions believed by Smoky Mountain miners. Dolly said,

"I've had to keep my big mouth shut about the Mystery Mine, but I can tell you, it's the most exciting thing to come out of these hills in a long, long time. And I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve for this ride that I'm not telling you about, but I can guarantee you they're well worth the wait!"

The "tricks" Dolly referred to are a 1,811-foot track featuring a hair-raising 95-degree, 85-foot vertical drop as one of its many maneuvers.