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Bear Mountain Fire Tower Announced

Published July 23, 2004 / Last Updated September 10, 2015

Dollywood’s Splash Country reaches new heights with Bear Mountain Fire Tower

Dollywood’s Splash Country guests can climb to new heights of fun and adventure with the addition of Bear Mountain Fire Tower, a new $2 million interactive, multi-level water-filled attraction scheduled to open in 2005. Themed in the spirit of the many fire towers that dot the East Tennessee landscape, Bear Mountain Fire Tower will be located adjacent to Big Bear Plunge which opened in July of 2004.

Each level of Bear Mountain Fire Tower will feature various water-based activities including a 1,000-gallon bucket situated atop the highest level. After warning bells sound indicating that a fire has been spotted, the large bucket spills, setting off a chain reaction of subsequent, smaller buckets. Bear Mountain Fire Tower’s firefighting theme is complete with hand cannons, hoses and buckets which allow every member of the family to engage in some friendly, water-based exchanges. Sliding poles, escape chutes and ladders are just a few of the tower’s many other fun-filled attractions.

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