Colorful childhood memories of fall are on Dolly Parton’s mind this year.

October 28, 2020
Colorful childhood memories of fall are on Dolly Parton’s mind this year

Dolly Parton’s special childhood memories of fall in the Great Smoky Mountains play out in Dollywood during the season.

Reminiscing about her childhood days in the Smokies brings back fond memories for Dolly Parton. She recalls the excitement of gathering around a bonfire, built by her father, and cooking their supper of potatoes and corn within the ashes under the fire. Even as a young child she had an appreciation for the vibrant colors on display in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee during autumn. She recalls seeing the beautiful leaves changing colors in the hills and hollows she called home.

Today, Dolly is very proud to bring a little bit of her childhood to guests who visit Dollywood. The park is all aglow with the sights and sounds of fall. Live music fills the air and mixes with the enticing aromas of delicious fall foods. At night, guests are treated to an amazing display of artistic elegance as meticulously carved pumpkins light the park’s paths in unique and creative displays. Dolly said,

"I just remember all of us kids loving playing the fun games. Mama making pumpkin butter and Mama making pumpkin pies and just doing all sorts of things with apple cider. We just loved the autumn and we'd find ways to celebrate it in our own way."

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