Dolly Parton On Sprout's "Lily’s Driftwood Bay"

March 10, 2017
Dolly Parton As Noleen On "Lily's Driftwood Bay"

Dolly Parton guest stars on a special episode of “Lily’s Driftwood Bay”

On March 13, preschoolers are in for a surprise when Dolly Parton guest stars on “Lily’s Driftwood Bay.”

Noleen is a famous singing chicken. Her luxury yacht gets beached on Driftwood Bay during a storm. Noleen's arrival is a big surprise to her greatest – and rather star-struck fan, Lord Stag (Stephen Fry). An impromptu concert sees old sea dog Salty (Peter Mullan) duet with Noleen. As a result, Noleen’s astonished by his talent and tries to persuade him to go on tour with her. Will Noleen convince Salty to give up the sights and sounds of Driftwood Bay for an international singing career? Viewers of all ages will have to watch and see.

The special double-length episode featuring Dolly as Noleen airs on Monday, March 13 at 9 am EST on Sprout. In addition, the episode will premiere in the United Kingdom on Nick Jr on May 12.

About The Show

Sixteen South’s “Lily’s Driftwood Bay” is a preschool mixed-media animated show. It stars five-year-old Lily who lives in a beach hut with her Dad. Every day, the sea washes up a curious new treasure. These treasures spark Lily’s imagination about what might be happening across the way on Driftwood Bay.

Common themes include intergenerational relationships and the idea of community in a non-family environment. The series’ unique look is completely created from things that have been found washed up on the beach. It encourages kids to make good use of the things that we otherwise throw away.

The show mirrors society and isn’t afraid to tackle difficult storylines – telling stories of hope in our challenging times. The series has won over a dozen international awards including the Prix Jeunesse, Royal Television Society and British Animation Award.