Dolly Parton As Noleen On "Lily's Driftwood Bay"

May 27, 2016
Dolly Parton As Noleen On "Lily's Driftwood Bay"

In her newest role, Dolly Parton stars as Noleen the singing chicken in a new preschool series "Lily's Driftwood Bay."

Dolly Parton is lending her distinctive voice to play a singing chicken called Noleen for a special episode in the second season of Sixteen South’s award-winning preschool animation series "Lily's Driftwood Bay."

The show is about a little girl named Lily, played by Orlagh O’Keeke, who creates an imaginary world from treasures she finds washed up on the beach. In Dolly’s special double-length episode, “The Salty Chicken,” Dolly voices Noleen, a famous singing chicken whose luxury yacht gets beached on Driftwood Bay during a storm, much to the surprise of her greatest – and rather star struck fan, Lord Stag (Stephen Fry). An impromptu concert sees old sea dog Salty (Peter Mullan) duet with Noleen, who’s astonished by his talent and tries to persuade him to come on tour with her. Will she persuade Salty to give up the sights and sounds of Driftwood Bay for an international singing career…? Dolly said,

“I’ve never played a chicken before but I have been known to lay a few eggs! Noleen is a very famous chicken, probably one of the most famous chickens ever there was. She washes up on Driftwood Bay and she’s trying to get Salty to go with her on tour. Now whether he does or whether he doesn’t, you’ll just have to watch and see!”

"Lily’s Driftwood Bay" starts on Nick Jr. in the UK on June 6 and Sprout in the US on June 27. Dolly's episode is scheduled to air in 2017. Sound Biscuit Productions in Sevierville, TN hosted Dolly's recording session for "Lily's Driftwood Bay."

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Photography - Jacob Dean DF Productions

A beautifully crafted series about making fun and adventure from things that you find, "Lily’s Driftwood Bay" is produced by Sixteen South ("Claude," "Pajanimals," "Big and Small") and co-produced with KiKA - Der Kinderkanal of ARD & ZDF/Germany, featuring characters and environments completely created from objects found washed up on the beach. The series is supported by some production funding from Northern Ireland Screen.