Dolly Parton's Music Discography

'Halos & Horns' Tour 'Halos & Horns' - 37th Solo Album

'Halos & Horns' Tour marks Dolly's return to touring after nearly a decade

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Whitney Houston records ‘I Will Always Love You’ Discover 'I Will Always Love You'

Whitney Houston records version of Dolly’s song, 'I Will Always Love You,' as a last minute replacement song for the movie, 'The Bodyguard'

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'Islands in the Stream' Duet With Kenny Rogers Islands In The Stream

Dolly records 'Islands in the Stream' duet with Kenny Rogers in 1983 which becomes first huge, hit single together

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Duet With Willie Nelson, 'Everything's Beautiful (In Its Own Way)' Dolly's duet with Willie Nelson

'Everything's Beautiful (In Its Own Way)' duet with Willie Nelson scores as top 10 single

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'Just the Way I Am' Just the Way I Am

In 1972 RCA Camden releases 'Just the Way I Am,' a compilation album with Dolly's songs from 1967-1970

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