Unlikely Angel Song Lyrics

“Unlikely Angel”


Song lyrics for “Unlikely Angel” by Dolly Parton


Like the Phoenix
From the ash and dirt
I rose up from the pain and hurt
When I was at my very worst
I found you

Thought I could never love again
When a stream of light came beaming in
A thread of hope
For me to spend around you

[Chorus:] Unlikely Angel
Standing there in front of me
As if you were my destiny
Like we were always meant to be together

Unlikely Angel
It feels so right inside your love
Like God has sent you from above
To honor, cherish, and to love forever

The smile upon your angel face
The heaven in your eyes replace
The hell that I’ve been going through
Before you

How long have you been there for me
I once was blind but now I see
A future full of hope
How I adore you

[Repeat Chorus]

Unlikely Angel
Oh, you never know where one might be
In sacred halls or crowded streets
But God has sent one straight down to me from heaven

Unlikely Angel
Unlikely Angel
Unlikely Angel
Unlikely Angel

[Whisper:] Unlikely Angel”

You never send me flowers
Or ever buy me candy
You never bring me pretty things
When you come to see me
And you forgot my birthday
Oh I wish you could see
How I miss
The little things
That you don’t do for me

You never say that I look nice
Or that you’re proud of me
You overlook
The little things
That you should see

These little things are big enough to hurt
But too small to make me want to leave
But I do miss
The little things
That you don’t do for me

Now how can I miss flowers
That never reach my door
How can I taste candy
That’s still at the candy store

These little things mean a lot to me
To you they may be silly
But I do miss
The little things
That you don’t do for me
Yes I miss
The little things
That you don’t do for me

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