Dolly sings “Dumb Blonde” on Cas Walker Show

March 2, 1967 2

Dolly returned to the Cas Walker Show to perform her new single, “Dumb Blonde” Shortly after her song ‘Dumb Blonde’ was released, Dolly performed the song on “The Cas Walker

First Grand Ole Opry performance

July 25, 1959 3

Dolly’s first Grand Ole Opry performance at the age of 13 alongside her Uncle Bill Owens in 1959 receives three encores After making musical connections while performing on the Cas

‘A Real Live Dolly’

July 6, 1970 5

…The album begins with an introduction by Cas Walker. Walker hosted a television show called “The Farm and Home Hour” that gave Dolly her start at the age of 10….