Imagination Library recognized in Reading Psychology

Imagination Library featured in Reading Psychology as the program continues to expand

In 2012, an article based on Dolly’s Imagination Library initiative was included in the journal, Reading Psychology. The article, “The Imagination Library Program: Increasing Parental Reading Through Book Distribution” by Ridzi, Sylvia, & Singh, marks the first publication of empirical research assessing the impact of this international program in an academic, peer reviewed journal.

A range of communities continued to join Dolly’s Imagination Library in 2012: The United Ways of St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield (the 3 largest cities in Missouri); Ft. McMurray in Alberta joined becoming the largest program in Canada; and in the United Kingdom, a plan was established for ‘looked after children’ by 26 Local Authorities in Scotland.


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Dolly Parton ProductionsImagination Library recognized in Reading Psychology