Bigger, Bolder, Brighter Roman Ride Of Fire

January 1, 2014
Roman Ride of Fire at Dixie Stampede

Dixie Stampede Branson turns up the heat with a bigger, bolder, brighter Roman Ride of Fire

Dolly's Dixie Stampede is celebrating a milestone in Branson, Mo. Now in its 20th season, Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction is turning up the heat with a bigger, bolder, brighter Roman Ride of Fire.

The Roman Ride is a unique type of trick riding, featuring two horses moving side-by-side with the rider standing astride both horses. With one foot on each horse, the Roman Rider performs a series of fast-paced maneuvers. The Roman Rider will keep you on the edge of your seat as they split columns of fire and jump the horses through a ring of fire with precise timing. Accented with fire cannons and five times the pyrotechnics of previous seasons, the Roman Ride of Fire is even more spectacular.

Dolly’s guests will also see enhanced trick riding. The top-notch riders will perform daring feats which involve jumping on and off horses, standing atop horses and hanging underneath horses, while they gallop around the 35,000 square foot arena. Some of the tricks include the Hippodrome, the Apache Hideaway, the Full fender, the One-Foot Stand and the Tail Drag.

Dolly's Dixie Stampede also features the Return Of The Buffalo, stunning aerial acrobatics and friendly competition.