New Stables at Dixie Stampede

September 2, 1990
New Stables at Dixie Stampede

The new stables at Dixie Stampede, Pigeon Forge, Tenn., have guests stopping by just to see the magnificent stars of the show

A new fixture began attracting Pigeon Forge visitors to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. In 1990, the Stampede placed some of the horses in new stables next to the Pigeon Forge Parkway. A publicist was quoted by a local newspaper as saying,

“You’d be surprised how many people pull up here just to look at the horses. Then they decide to come to the show.”

The new stables and horses were not the only thing drawing crowds to Dixie Stampede, thousands of cheer on trained pigs, chickens and bulls each day. With the success of the first season, the Stampede found many visitors, especially enjoyed the stunt animals. Since that time, show producers have made sure the stunts and animals were in the spotlight.

Each year, the Stampede spends about one million dollars to for show upgrades and most importantly, to ensure the horses and other animals receive excellent training and care.