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Bear Mountain Fire Tower kicks off the 2005 season

Published May 21, 2005 / Last Updated October 17, 2015

Dollywood’s Splash Country opens 2005 season with Bear Mountain Fire Tower

Dollywood’s Splash Country celebrated its fifth season with the opening of the new $2 million Bear Mountain Fire Tower. It is an interactive, multi-level water-filled attraction built around a central play structure. The attraction features various water-based activities including a 1,000-gallon bucket situated on the highest level. After warning bells sound indicating that a fire has been spotted, the large bucket spills, setting off a chain reaction of subsequent, smaller buckets throughout the lower levels creating a four-alarm soaking for the entire family. Bear Mountain Fire Tower’s firefighting theme is complete with hand cannons, hoses, buckets, escape chutes and ladders.

The Dollywood CompanyBear Mountain Fire Tower kicks off the 2005 season