Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show Kicks Off 2020 Season

February 3, 2020
Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show 2020 Season

The Crimson and Sapphire crews have kicked off another great season at Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show in Myrtle Beach, SC and Pigeon Forge, TN!

For several years Dolly and her creative team have challenged themselves to create exciting and entertaining shows for fans everywhere. This challenge led Dolly and her team to create Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show! First introduced in Myrtle Beach, SC and later to Pigeon Forge, TN, Pirates Voyage has become a must-do attraction. Dolly and performers at Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show look to make the 2020 season the best yet!

Celebrate the Pirate spirit with your crew!

In 2020, Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show, in Myrtle Beach, SC and Pigeon Forge, TN, is set to take visitors on another swashbuckling adventure!

Fans are invited to join the most famous pirate, Blackbeard, and his quartermaster, Calico Jack on a quest for sunken treasure! Watch as the Crimson and Sapphire crews battle on land, on deck, in water and high above full-sized pirate ships in an indoor hideaway lagoon! Be amazed by beautiful mermaids, tropical birds, and much more all while you enjoy a fabulous four-course feast.

If you’ve never been to Pirates Voyage, you owe it to yourself and your crew to discover the adventure that awaits! Fans agree that Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is an exciting adventure for the whole family. Join the Pirates crew for their exciting 2020 swashbuckling adventure in Myrtle Beach, SC and Pigeon Forge, TN!

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