Christmas Arrives At Pirates Voyage In Myrtle Beach

November 9, 2017
Christmas at Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach

Pirates Voyage takes its swashbuckling crew of characters on a Christmas adventure!

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show, located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, takes its swashbuckling crew of characters on a Christmas adventure unlike anything else to be experienced this holiday season. Opening on Thursday, Nov. 9 and continuing through New Year’s Eve, Pirates Voyage performs a twist on a classic Christmas tale with a bountiful feast that will combine a pirate’s “Yo Ho” with the season’s “Ho Ho Ho.”

The holiday adventure starts in the Pirates Village, where a cast of pirates entertain show guests with an interactive experience that includes a pirate holiday sing-a-long. Folks will experience the 12 Days of Christmas with a pirate twist – everything from ten crewmen leaping and six Jolly Rogers to a parrot in a palm tree! Kids can enjoy being “transformed” in a pirate or mermaid makeover at the Village’s Join the Crew area. Then, guests will enter the arena for the main holiday show, a swashbuckling spin on “A Christmas Carol” with Captain Scrooge and his faithful first mate Bob Cratchit.

“We invite adventurers of all ages to start a new Christmas tradition for the holidays like no one else can offer,” said Paul Brown, General Manager. “At Pirates Voyage, high tide meets the yuletide during this festive season and families can experience all the fun together creating memories that will last long after the holidays are gone. Guests will travel to Christmas past, present and future through a classic holiday story with its own special pirate twist, while camels and angels help tell about the true meaning of Christmas in our Nativity.”

"Myrtle Beach's #1 Choice for the Holidays"

The Mystical Christmas Spirit takes the captain through time to find the true meaning of Christmas, including a “dream” where giant toys come to life and perform amazing acrobatics high above the indoor lagoon. A comical Christmas castaway and her sea lion companion add to the fun and festive adventure; then, the pinnacle of the Pirates Voyage holiday experience is a live Nativity featuring the three wise men on camels and an angel with a special message. At “Myrtle Beach’s #1 Choice for the Holidays,” guests also will be thrilled by an epic battle between the crimson and emerald pirates as they compete for the coveted Christmas treasure.

Four-Course Holiday Feast

During this swashbuckling Christmas spectacular, guests are served a fabulous four-course holiday feast straight from Captain Scrooge’s galley. The meal begins with voyager creamy vegetable soup and buccaneer bread. Next, guests receive “half o’ roasted cackler” (chicken), Captain’s barbeque pork, cob o’ buttery corn, and a pirate herb-basted potato. Apple o ’me eye pie and unlimited Pepsi products, tea or coffee complete the meal. Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are available by request.

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