Pirates Voyage Celebrates Five Years in Myrtle Beach

June 22, 2016
Pirates Voyage Celebrates Five Years

The crimson and sapphire crews at Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show are celebrating five years of swashbuckling memories in Myrtle Beach, SC!

Buccaneers of all ages have visited Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show, located in Myrtle Beach, SC, to join Captain Blackbeard and his swashbuckling crews for daring acrobatic competitions, spectacular aerial feats and a bountiful pirate’s feast. Celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2016, Pirates Voyage continues to entertain families with an unparalleled experience for both landlubbers and old salts. Jim Rule, CEO of World Choice Investments, LLC, said,

"Pirates Voyage takes our visitors on an adventure they’ll certainly remember forever. We’re honored so many guests have created memories here at our show that they can share for a lifetime. We hope families will help us celebrate our fifth anniversary with the excitement of the pirate spirit!"

The fun begins in the Pirates Village pre-show where all mateys participate in a lively sing-along of pirate chanteys, revel in the tremendous talents of pirate performers, and can find a number of delicious beverages and snacks to enjoy.

Once in the main show, visitors join the sapphire and crimson crews on a spirited search for Davy Jones’ treasure. During the show, an epic battle unfolds with sword-fighting pirates, blazing cannons and pirates swinging from ship to ship and mast to mast searching for the sunken treasure.

Along the way, magical mermaids, astonishing aerialists and sly scallywags, join the adventure on land, on deck, in the water and high above full-sized pirate ships in a 15-foot deep indoor hideaway lagoon. Daring dock diving dogs, salty sea lions and tropical birds also join in the quest to find Jones’ treasure.

As any pirate knows, treasure hunts can work up quite an appetite. To help squash their hunger, guests are served a fabulous four-course pirate feast straight from the galley. The meal begins with voyager creamy vegetable soup and buccaneer bread. Next, guests receive “half o’ roasted cackler” (chicken), pulled barbeque pork, cob o’ buttery corn, and pirate herb-basted potato. Apple o’ me eye pie and unlimited Pepsi products, tea or coffee complete the meal. Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are available by request.

Discover more swashbuckling fun at PiratesVoyage.com.