“Tomorrow Is Forever” Song Lyrics

“‘Tomorrow is Forever,’ I think, is a song that most people can relate to because even if you’ve never been married before, and you get married, you kind of worry about the ex-girlfriend or the ex-boyfriend and you kind of feel like, maybe, you are not as good as them or are you going to measure up to them. Same thing is like if you’ve been married-divorced, you always have that baggage of wondering if you are as good as that ex-person, person that you might have had a history with.”

Dolly Parton

“Tomorrow Is Forever”

By Dolly Parton

Verse 1:
Take my hand and run with me out of the past called yesterday.
Walk with me into the future of tomorrow.
Yesterday must be forgot, no looking back, no matter what,
There’s nothing there but mem’ries that bring sorrow;
Yesterday is gone, but tomorrow is forever.

Verse 2:
No more crying, tears leave tracks,
Mem’ries find their way back.
Tomorrow’s waiting, let’s journey there together,
Yesterday is gone, but tomorrow is forever.

I care not for yesterday.
I love you as you are today,
And yesterday just helped to pass the time while waiting.
We must forget, we will in time.
My love for you is the real kind,
The kind that won’t hurt you, no never.
Yesterday is gone, but tomorrow is forever.

Yesterday is gone, but tomorrow is forever.

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